Event & Meeting Technology and Software Solutions

Image: Audio engineer preparing for a speaker at a Benchmarc360 organized event. Event and meeting technology and software soltuions.

Technology Solutions

Staying on the Leading Edge of technology is a challenge for any organization especially when discussing meeting industry applications. At Benchmarc360, we frequently research and test the latest technology platforms on the market so you can avoid costly missteps when utilizing meeting technology for your programs. Technology moves fast and so does the B360 Team to provide to your convention, meeting or event the right technology applied effectively.

Online registration systems are changing constantly and are not all created equal. They vary in offerings, features and stability. In addition, technology solutions vary in effectiveness for different types of conventions, meetings and events. Our team devotes a lot of time to staying current with the various providers to be able to provide the right technology solution for you.
Image: mannequin at a Benchmarc360 event. Event meeting technology and software solutions.
Apps are becoming so important and the range of offering in this important technology solution is growing at a rapid pace. Which app is the best for you? Let our team manage the app selection and activation for you to result in the best technology solution. Apps can be effective pre and post event as well and offer you another revenue stream.

We’ll help you use social programs to enhance the communication between attendees and integrate mobile platforms that make program information more accessible and interactive for your attendees pre-event, during and post-event.

Additionally, technology solutions can be key to your expo and tradeshow floor. Drones? iBeacons? RFID? So many choices and you have so much to do – let us manage these aspects for you and let you focus where you should.
Image: mannequin at a Benchmarc360 event. Event meeting technology and software solutions.
Technology solutions can literally make or break your event – don’t put your event at risk by managing this internally.

Available Event Technology Solutions & Services

  • Meetings Management
  • Event Apps
  • Registration Management
  • Exhibitor/Attendee Interaction
  • Lead Retrieval
  • RFID Badging
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Integration
  • Reporting

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