Sports Event Marketing, Strategy & Development

Image: Golfing corporate event. Benchmarc360 sports event marketing, strategy and development.

Sports Marketing

Whether your goal is to promote a sporting event or use a sporting event to promote a brand, service, cause or product, Benchmarc360 can provide sports marketing strategy that encompasses planning, packaging, positioning and perception to your targeted demographic group.

Effective sports event marketing begins with the right match of sport and event you’re your brand. There are many factors and variables to consider when making the all important decision to align your brand and a sport to result in sports marketing and event marketing.

From international sports marketing events such as the Olympics, Superbowl, NCAA Tournament and so many more to more modest programs there is a right way to achieve a successful program and maximize your budget and investment in sports marketing.
Image: Former NFL coach speaks at a corporate event. Sports event marketing, strategy and development by Benchmarc360.
Focus on your brand is key, whether the event is something we co-create uniquely for your organization or part of the sponsorship of an existing global sporting competition, either way your brand wins as long as the sports marketing decisions are made based on the right strategy combined with the right event marketing principles and results.

From strategy (which events best match your objectives) to logistics (managing the event, sponsors, customers or other attendees) through the important activation process let the star be your brand and let your partner be B360. Don’t go it alone as the right partner can bring the difference between successful sports marketing and event marketing or not.

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Image: hotair balloon corporate sporting event organized by Benchmarc360.