Virtual Meeting Planning & Services

Virtual Meeting Services and Hybrid Meeting Services

When it comes to virtual meetings, you need a partner who will aim higher, plan better, and lead the team in this emerging field. Virtual meetings are one of the most cost effective and valuable ways to conduct a meeting, but they must be planned properly and matched to the right program and audience to be successful. Hybrid Meetings offer the best of both the live event and virtual solution for an unmatched experience. Let our team create the best digital experience for your participants.

In the initial stages of development both virtual meeting services and hybrid meeting services were created as cost effective solutions during a time of limited travel.
Over time both virtual meeting planning and hybrid meeting planning had evolved to be adjunct ways to create communities over the long term – beginning pre- live event and extending past the conclusion of the live event.

In addition, both virtual meeting services and hybrid meeting services have added value to live events and helped them grow their audience not just by the addition of the virtual components but leading to increased attendance at future live events.

We now know so much more about how to successful activate both virtual meeting services and hybrid meeting services to deliver great content and extend the value of attendance past the live event.

We offer the following types of Virtual Meeting Services:

  • Identify Best Platform for Meeting
  • Registration Management
  • Manage Flow of Presentations
  • Create Speaker Presentation Templates
  • Manage Speaker Coaching and Logistics
  • Customized Audience Response Systems
  • Speaker Rehearsals
  • Recording and Editing of Events
  • Integration with Social Aspects pre-event, during and post to build community and Provide Long-Term ROI

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