Who We Are | Leadership Team

Our Mission
To partner with organizations that want to maximize the impact and ROI of their live, hybrid and virtual events portfolio to deliver impactful experiences that positively impact their brand in creative, experiential ways that change and shape people and outcomes.

Our Culture
At Benchmarc360, our culture reflects our commitment to doing business ethically and responsibly in the global community. We are committed to providing superior customer care, to providing strategic solutions that produce results, and to a global focus.

Our people care about our clients and will do what it takes to ensure the success of your program. We understand that our team is what makes us different, so we’re always investing in our people through learning and development opportunities.

"We are committed to being good stewards of the environment and contributors to making the world a better place one event at a time.":

Hotel Sourcing – Site Selection Services

B360 is a global leader in hotel sourcing services. The B360 hotel sourcing and site selection team is recognized and respected at the highest levels of hotel brands which will result in better offers and terms for your meeting.

B360 will source all hotel brands (and independents) and is not limited by any hotel brand partnership or membership (like some competitors who limit your solutions based on these agreements). This gives your meeting the opportunity to reach all potential venues.

B360 team uses industry leading online tools to allow a search of all possible hotel venues matching your criteria. This results in a complete and competitive bidding for your meeting or event - even in this sellers market.

B360 delivers comprehensive and effective hotel sourcing solutions – driven by industry’s best and most comprehensive tools and personnel. Our hotel sourcing and site selection team includes CMP’s who understand how important the right venue is to having a successful event. They understand how to be sure the space that works best for your event is the space you get.